Reference Drawing

So today I am working on a cover for a new book project. I often do reference drawings from life (my life!) to get a pose right or check out how something really looks. Today this involved:
1. find the hand mirror.
2. position mirrors in impossible positions because I'm trying to draw myself from behind at odd angles.
3. realize that position I am going for does not exist in real life.  hmmm, adjust cover drawing?
4. Pretend to be a 7 year old boy.
5. fake the arms. oh wait, just take off that sweatshirt so you can actually see real arms.
6. okay, I am trying to draw the arm I have to draw with....remember what one line looks like, draw that, go back to position, draw next line, etc.
7. think to myself, 'this might work'.
8. Back to drawing board....oops, I drew this backward of what I need!
9. Hold the drawing up to the light to reverse it while copying it onto my computer screen.
10. Repeat above steps...didn't get all the info I needed!!

Happy drawing!