Representational/Abstract/Pure Abstract/Non-Objective

What do all these words mean? Does it matter to the viewer?

I have been trying to do a successful 'pure' abstract since I started working on abstracts. I think this painting could be in this category, but maybe it leans toward a landscape like some of my other attempts. It seems that as soon as I start 'seeing' it as a landscape, then that is how I approach it for the rest of the work time on it. It is hard for me not to see it as a 'thing'. Maybe that just makes it easier for me to paint it. Maybe I should just go with the flow and let these paintings come to life and be whatever they are going to be on their own!

I would be really interested to know how other artists get to the 'pure' form of abstraction, which in my definition means it is non-representational, non-objective.  Any comments? I would love to hear them!

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